Helping Contractors

As an independent contractor or sole trader, accounting practices may seem like the tedious yet essential task you have to complete at the start of every calendar year, ensuring your self assessment forms are in and you have met every tax regulation.


We're all good at looking at the top level income we make, but working out the tax we owe to HMRC may be a harder feat to accomplish. Perhaps you don't like doing the calculations? Perhaps you don't know if you are doing it correctly and are anxious of the potential consequences of making a mistake?

You need someone to help ensure all income is correctly recorded and more importantly, that we are paying the right amount of tax owed to HMRC (and not a penny more!).


For Contractors who do not understand accounting, Black Type Accountancy Ltd can be your dedicated, qualified accountant who provides extensive advice on tax planning, arranges your statutory tax forms and ensures your accounts are kept in order, while you concentrate on your work.

As a contractor or sole trader, you have your own objectives and goals to meet, which will take up your time and resources. Black Type Accountancy Ltd offer you a consultancy for various accounting and tax services, leaving you to focus on primary business activities to make your business successful.

We work with you to build a relationship that meet both your business and personal finance objectives, pro-actively take on any challenges and ensure your accounts are kept in order to ensure compliance with the HMRC at the end of the financial year. Black Type Accountancy Ltd offer various services to you including:

  • Registering a new sole trader business with HMRC and the Contributions Agency.
  • Examining VAT registration.
  • Record keeping requirements under Self Assessment and Bookkeeping.
  • Personal tax advice and compliance.
  • Preparing statutory accounts.
  • General business, tax and finance advice.